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TPSM846C23 35A PMBus Power Module Evaluation Module



  • 4.5V to 15V Input Voltage Range
  • PMBus configurable
  • Up to 35A of Output Current

Texas Instruments  TPSM846C23EVM-806

The TPSM846C23EVM-806 evaluation board (EVM) is configured to evaluate the operation of the TPSM846C23 PMBus power module for output currents up to 35 A. The input voltage range is 4.5 V to 15 V, with an output voltage range of 0.35 V to 2.0 V. The EVM’s PMBus interface allows power supply configuration as well as monitoring of key parameters, including output voltage, output current, and the internal die temperature, as well as many user programmable configuration options. The EVM has several test points and jumpers to easily evaluate the TPSM846C23 operation.

The EVM includes a PMBus connector to interface with a host PC. The USB-to-GPIO interface adapter pod is required to program the EVM. The USB-to-GPIO interface pod connects the EVM to a computer USB port which allows the TI “Fusion” Graphical User Interface (GUI) to communicate and control the EVM.

The TPSM846C23EVM-806 can be ordered separately or as part of a bundle with the USB-to-GPIO interface adapter pod.