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TRF371125EVM Evaluation Module



The TRF371125EVM is used to test the performance of the TRF371125 direct quadrature demodulator device. The RF input and LO (local oscillator) input require differential signals, achieved with the use of an RF balun. The TRF3711-25EVM can be configured with different baluns to facilitate operation in the frequency band of interest. The input signal is injected into the RFin connector (J6). After it is transformed into a differential signal by a balun it is fed into the TRF371125 input ports. The local oscillator source is connected to the LO port (J7) and through a similar balun it is differentially injected into the TRF371125 LO pins. The input signal after being down-converted and filtered by the TRF371125 can be tested at the baseband output ports both single-ended or differentially.

Texas Instruments  TRF371125EVM

The TRF371125EVM is the evaluation module for the TRF371125 device. The TRF371125 is a direct conversion quadrature demodulator which integrates programmable baseband filters, adjustable DC offset correction, and output buffer amplifiers for driving high speed ADCs. The TRF371125 is suited for operation with WCDMA, CDMA200, WiMAX and LTE modulation as well as with other high bandwidth signal modulation schemes. The TRF371125 is designed to support wireless communications applications that require excellent wideband receiver RF performance (linearity and sensitivity) and flexibility, but with a reduced form factor.