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TRF3722 Evaluation Module



  • The TRF3722EVM comes configured for differential I/Q input signals via four SMA connectors.
  • There is an on board SMA connector which is used to monitor the RF output signal from the quadrature modulator.
  • The LO signal is provided either internally (on-chip) or externally through an SMA connector.
  • The TRF3722 can generate an LO output signal which can be monitored via an SMA connector.
  • The EVM comes with a USB interface used to configure the device via a PC and graphical user interface (GUI) application software.
  • To change RF target frequencies, the user enters the desired operating frequency, the GUI automatically calculates values for the necessary register settings and writes those values to the TRF3722 device. 

Texas Instruments  TRF3722EVM

The TRF3722EVM is the evaluation module (EVM) designed for testing the performance of the TRF3722 high-performance, quadrature modulator with integrated PLL and VCO. The TRF3722 is a direct up-conversion RF device which integrates a highly-linear, low-noise IQ modulator and a wideband integer-fractional PLL/VCO. The device is capable of converting complex modulated signals from baseband or IF directly up to RF frequencies ranging from 400 MHz to 4.1 GHz. The PLL/VCO along with the internal 2/4/8 divider configuration is used to obtain the desired frequency. The TRF3722 is designed for use in RF applications in wireless base stations and RF communications equipment.