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TRF37X32 Down Converter Mixer with Integrated IF Amp Evaluation Module



  1. Gain of 10dB
  2. Noise Figure of 9.5 dB
  3. Single Ended RF Input
  4. Powered from single 3.3V supply
  5. 500 mW per Channel Power Dissipation

Texas Instruments  TRF37C32EVM

The TRF37x32 is a wideband dual down converter mixer with integrated IF amplifier. The device employs integrated baluns for single ended RF and LO inputs. The IF amplifier operates from 30 MHz to 500 MHz in an open collector topology to support a variety of IF frequencies and bandwidths. The TRF37x32 provides excellent mixer spurious performance and offers good isolation between channels for operation with diversity applications. The device operates with very low power dissipation and further provides an option for a low power mode for power sensitive applications. Each channel can be independently powered down with fast response times to allow operation in TDD applications.