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TRS3122E: 1.8V RS-232 Transceiver Evaluation Module



  • Interface with MCUs or processors from 1.65 V up to 5.5V
  • High-speed RS-232 communication, up to 1Mbps
  • Autopower down plus for very low power consumption (1µA) during shutdown
  • Robust IEC61000-4-2 qualification enables human-interfaced applications
  • Very small QFN package saves board space and cost

Texas Instruments  TRS3122EEVM

The TRS3122EEVM is an evaluation module for the TRS3122E, a 1.8V high-speed RS-232 transceiver. The module enables device evaluation using the installed DB-9 connector and terminal block. The board can be set in a loopback state for very simple evaluation or operated in tandem with diagnostic software for more detailed understanding.