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TS3A227E evaluation module



  • Fully powered by the LaunchPad™ development kit for TI's MSP430™ MCU with no external power supply requirements
  • Fully-interactive GUI for testing and evaluation
  • On-board keys let you test key-press functionality
  • On-board connections let headset manufacturers to test key-press designs on EVM

Texas Instruments  TS3A227E-EVM

The TS3A227E-EVM is an evaluation module for TI’s autonomous audio-accessory switch with adjustable debounce settings, ultralow RON ground FETs, depletion FETs, key-press detection and manual I2C control.  The module lets you easily evaluate the device performance and functionality. By using the interface of the LaunchPad™ development kit with the device, the EVM can also be used as a development platform for creating firmware.