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TSB81BA3PFP & TSB82AA2PGE (1394b) PCI EVM Board



  • Serve as a reference schematic and layout for the creation of a new 1394b product
  • Use with other purchased PCI S800 1394b cards to evaluate S800 performance and capabilities
  • Use to serve as a known good node to test a prototype 1394b device
  • Unibrain driver enables true 800 Mbps performance on Windows platforms
  • Use for prototype manufacturing

Texas Instruments  TSBKS800OHCI

The TSBKS800OHCI Evaluation kit is a 64-bit/32-bit PCI add-in card with SW and documentation intended for use in evaluating the 1394b 800 Mbps TSB82AA2 OHCI link layer and TSB81BA3 PHY layer.