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  • Complete evaluation kit for the study of the TSC2004 touch screen controller
  • Evaluation software is supplied which can be used on a personal computer running Microsoft Windows™
  • Power for theTSC2004EVM-PDK is supplied in three seperate ways; USB, laboratory supply, or 6 VDC AS/DC external wall supply (not included)
  • The analog input sources (touch screen and ausxiliary inputs) can be applied directlly to J1 terminal and processed through the USB-MODE board

Texas Instruments  TSC2004EVM-PDK

The TSC2004EVM-PDK is a complete evaluation kit for the TSC2004EVM. The kit, which includes a USB-based motherboard and Evaluation software for use with a personal computer, can be used to completely evaluate the TSC2004EVM.

The TSC2004EVM-PDK Motherboard (the USB_MODEVM Circuit Board) supplies power to power pin, J3, of the TSC2004EVM. Power for the motherboard is supplied either through its USB connection or from terminal blocks on the USB-MOD board.