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TSC2007EVM Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the TSC2007 4-wire, resistive touch screen controller (TSC)converter.
  • Modular design allows the use a variety of DSPs, microcontroller interfaces, or the 5-6K-INTERFACE board offered by Texas Instrumnets
  • Analog input sources can be applied directly to on board terminals connected top and bottom on the EVM board
  • Power for the TSC2007EVM can be supplied either from +1.8 VD, +3.3 VD terminals or from an EXTERNAL power connecter on the EVM

Texas Instruments  TSC2007EVM

The TSC2007EVM is an EVM manufactured in Texas Instruments modular EVM form factor. The modular form factor allows direct evaluation of the TSC2007 4-wire touch screen controller. The use of the EVM easily demonstrates the performance and operating characteristics of the TSC2007 device. The modular design also allows compatibility with the 5-6K Interface board from Texas Instruments. Additionally other third party board, such as Speedy 33™ from Hyperception Inc can be used.