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TSC2100 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Digital control interface is through either the USB bus or and external SPI bus
  • Power can be supplied by the USB bus or external connectors from lab supplies
  • Touch screen inputs are provided through a standard 3M(TM)Touch System Touch Tek 4 touch screens
  • There are various audio input/output connectors to allow onboard microphone or external microphone.

Texas Instruments  TSC2100EVM

The TSC2100EVM is designed to demonstrate the features of the TSC2100 touch screen controller. One feature of the controller is the use of an SPI interface to communicate to a host processor. In addition, a mono-output/stereo-output audio codec in the TSC2100, communicates audio data over an I2S bus. The EVM accesses both of these busses through the use of a USB microcontroller, which provides a way to generate data for both buses from a PC running WindowsTM 98SE, 2000,or XP.