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TSC2117 Evaluation Module (EVM) and USB motherboard



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the TSC2117 touch screen controller and audio codec
  • USB connection to PC provides power, control, and streaming audio data for easy evaluation
  • Onboard microphone for ADC evaluation
  • Connection points for external control, touch screen interface and digital audio signals for quick connection to other circuits/input devices

Texas Instruments  TSC2117EVM-K

The TSC2117EVM-K is a complete evaluation/demonstration kit for the TSC2117 touch screen controller and audio codec. The kit includes a TSC2117 EVM, and a USB-based motherboard (USB-MODEVM). The TSC2117EVM-K software, the TSC2117 CS, is an intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful tool to learn, evaluate, and control the TSC2117.

Software development for the TSC2117 is supported through TI's comprehensive PurePath Studio Development Environment. The Graphical Development Environment consists of a library of common audio functions that can be dragged-and-dropped into an audio signal flow and graphically connected together. The DSP code can then be assembled from the graphical signal flow with the click of a mouse.

The TSC2117 EVM-K is operational with one USB cable connection to a PC. The USB connection provides power, control, and streaming audio data to the EVM for reduced setup and configuration. The EVM also allows external control signals, touch screen interface, audio data, and power for advanced operation, which allows prototyping and connection to the rest of the development or evaluation system.