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Data capture/pattern generator: data converter evaluation module with 48 LVDS lanes up to 1.6Gbps

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Features for the TSW14DL3200EVM

  • Quickly evaluate high-speed LVDS data-converter performance using High-Speed Data Converter Pro Software (DATACONVERTERPRO-SW)
  • 400-pin Samtec® SEARAY™ header connects directly through LVDS interface for data capture or data pattern generation
  • 48 transmit and 48 receive high-speed LVDS pairs
  • Onboard high-speed USB 3.0-to-parallel converter bridges FPGA interface to the host PC and GUI
  • Xilinx XCKU060 Kintex UltraScale

Description for the TSW14DL3200EVM

The TSW14DL3200 evaluation module (EVM) is a next-generation data capture and pattern-generation tool that is used with RF-sampling and GSPS data-converter EVMs featuring LVDS interfaces. The card interfaces through two connectors – one for receive and one for transmit – each having four data buses consisting of 12 data pairs (one strobe pair and one clock pair).

Populated with the Xilinx® XCKU060 Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA, the TSW14DL3200EVM provides data capture through 48 pairs of high-speed LVDS signals running up to 1.6 GSPS. The TSW14DL3200EVM also provides pattern generation through 48 pairs of high-speed LVDS at speeds up to 1.6 GSPS.

Together High-Speed Data Converter Pro Software (DATACONVERTERPRO-SW) GUI, TSW14DL3200EVM is a complete system providing patterns and data capture for RF sampling, and GSPS data converters utilizing an LVDS interface.