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Data Converter Evaluation Module to FPGA Platform FMC Adapter: 10 JESD204B Lanes up to 12.5Gbps

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Limit:  3

Features for the TSW14J10EVM

  • HSDC Pro Software GUI supported for Data Converter evaluation. 
  • Provides the interface between High Speed Data Converter EVM’s and FPGA Development board through two FMC connectors.
    • Xilinx KC705, ZC706 and VC707 platforms
    • KC705 has only the lower 4 SERDES lanes routed, may not work with all ADC/DAC device modes
  • USB interface to FPGA through FMC connector. Board is powered by USB interface.
  • Firmware loading using JTAG interface to FPGA Development board through FMC connector or JTAG-to-JTAG connecter interface using provided ribbon cable. 
  • FPGA vendor and TI firmware included with HSDC Pro Software.
  • HSDC Pro GUI with the USB interface provides:
    • SPI for FPGA register control
    • FPGA Firmware download
    • FPGA data reads for ADC capture data
    • FPGA data writes for loading DAC pattern data


Description for the TSW14J10EVM

The Texas Instruments (TI) TSW14J10 Evaluation Module (EVM) allows users the capability to evaluate TI JESD204B family of high-speed converters using existing FPGA vendor development platforms with the TI High Speed Data Converter Pro Graphic User Interface (HSDC Pro GUI). This low cost solution works on most FPGA development boards that contain a High Pin Count (HPC) FPGA to Mezzanine Card (FMC) connector which has the FPGA JTAG interface routed to this connector or to a separate JTAG connector.

For those developing their own hardware with TI data converters and Xilinx FPGAs, you will need to request the Xilinx JESD204B IP from Xilinx.