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TSW2170 Crystal Filtered 70MHz Source Evaluation Module



  • Requires single 5V supply
  • Onboard 70M crystal oscillator
  • Onboard amplifier
  • Onboard 70M crystal filter
  • Harmonic performance better than 80dBc
  • 2Vpp output level, direct connects to TI ADC EVMs for analysis
  • Texas Instruments  TSW2170EVM

    The TSW2170EVM is a very clean 70 MHz source designed for the purposes of providing an input signal for testing TI ADC devices. The EVM includes a 70MHz crystal oscillator, an amplifier and a 70MHz Crystal filter with 16kHz band pass response. The output of the TSW2170EVM is set to about 10dBm, approximately 2Vpp, with typical harmonic performance greater than 80dBc. This is the appropriate peak to peak swing required by most TI ADCs. The TSW2170 can be easily powered from a 5V source such as a lab supply or from the 5V source of the TSW2200EVM (Low Cost Portable Power Supply).