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TUSB211 PICO High-Speed Signal Conditioner Compensating for Transmission Channel ISI Signal EVM



  • Plug and play design
  • EQ setting configurable through resistor
  • The TUSB211 Pico EVM includes headers for different power options to provide power to the device
  • Is pre-configured simple DP and DM connections
  • Powered from VBUS or an external 3.3V supply

Texas Instruments  TUSB211PICO-EVM

The TUSB211PICO-EVM is designed to provide a simple means of demonstrating the signal conditioning capability of the TUSB211 on an existing board designed without the TUSB211 footprint.  The EVM is pre-configured and simply connects DP and DM signals (Likely at the connector) with wires soldered from the EVM to traces or connector pins.   The TUSB211 Pico EVM is powered from VBUS or an external 3.3V supply both connected via headers on the EVM.