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TUSB320LAI USB Type-C Configuration Channel Logic and Port Control Evaluation Module



  • Plug and play design
  • The EVM can be configured to be used for the evaluation of DFP, UFP, or DRP Type-C implementation
  • The EVM can also be configured to operate in I2C or GPIO mode. Default configuration is I2C
  • EVM configurable by  DIP switches

Texas Instruments  TUSB320-LA-EVM

The TUSB320-LA-EVM is designed to evaluate TUSB320LA devices.  The EVM can be configured to operate in DFP, UFP or DRP mode via DIP switch selection and/or I2C control.  All of the control inputs are also selectable via DIP Switch configuration.  The TUSB320LA devices can be used with a legacy USB systems or Type-C systems for evaluation purposes.