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TUSB3410UARTPDK evaluation module



  • Quickly convert an RS-232 product to USB
  • Jump start development or use as a complete USB-to-serial converter
  • Firmware, VCP drivers, and schematics provided
  • Quick connect to a USB-enabled host
  • No power supply required—the EVM receives power through the included USB cable

Texas Instruments  TUSB3410UARTPDK

The TUSB3410UARTPDK can be used to evaluate the TUSB3410 as a USB-to-serial converter (or bridge). The user is expected to be familiar with universal serial bus (USB) certification requirements. Go to www.usb.org for more information on USB and certification, logo and testing requirements.

An object code version of the Windows® XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 virtual COM port (VCP) software (drivers and firmware) can be downloaded from the TUSBWINVCP tool page.

A Linux version of the VCP Software is also available from Brimson Labs in the third-party tool, TUSB-3P-LNXVCP.

The I²C header generator utility (see below for download) is a DOS-based tool that generates an image file for your I²C EEPROM, using your binary object code, custom descriptors, or both as inputs.

The AppLoader Utility should not be used with the UART tool.

Additional items needed for use of this EVM include utilities for monitoring USB traffic, an EEPROM (for storing your unique VID/PID necessary for certification and logo use (see www.usb.org for more information), and a USB-enabled host.