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TUSB4020BPHPEVM Evaluation Module



  • Plug and play design
  • Can be configured using an optional serial EEPROM or SMBUS host
  • Local I2C Access through USB Interface via TUSB3410
  • A DC Power Jack (J9) to accept a 5-V wall power adapter
  • Configuration available through dip Switch

Texas Instruments  TUSB4020BPHPEVM

The Texas Instruments TUSB4020B evaluation module is a functional board design of a single device that implements a USB 2.0 hub. The EVM can support USB 2.0 (HS, FS, and LS) operation on its USB ports. This EVM is intended for use in evaluating system compatibility, developing optional EEPROM firmware, and validating interoperability. This EVM also acts as a hardware reference design for any implementation of the TUSB4020B.