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TXS4558 Evaluation Module



  • Dual 1.8V/3V Sim card power supply with translator
  • On board SIM sockets for easy evaluation
  • SMB and testpoint options for signal connections
  • Jumpers provided for manipulation of device control signals
  • Multiple test points for evaluation and signal probi

Texas Instruments  TXS4558EVM

The Texas Instruments TXS4558 Evaluation Module (EVM) is designed to showcase the TXS4558, a complete dual-supply standby Smart Identity Module (SIM) card solution for interfacing wireless baseband processors with two individual SIM subscriber cards to store data for mobile handset applications. This device is targeted to GPIO control and communication, where GPIO signals are used to switch between SIMs and SIM modes, allowing a single interface to support two SIMs.

This EVM includes two sockets for SIM cards, as well as test points interfacing all device signals. Jumpers, connectors and test points are all labeled with device signal names.