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UCC24636 Synchronous Rectifier Daughter Board/Evaluation Module



  • Board includes UCC24636 and SR MOSFET
  • Retrofit in 5V or 12V DCM Flyback converter designs
  • SR MOSFET CSD19531 100V/5.3mΩ
  • User-programmable for 5-V to 12-V outputs

Texas Instruments  UCC24636EVM

The UCC24636EVM is a demonstration daughter board that allows quick installation into an existing DCM Flyback power supply to convert an output diode rectifier into a synchronous rectifier to improve efficiency. The board is programmed by the user and may be wired directly into the output stage, even with the existing diode still in place, for ground-referenced diodes in outputs from 5 V to 12 V.