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UCC25230 12V to 105V Input, 0.2A Output Switching Converter Evaluation Module



  • Start up directly from telecom input voltage 36V to 72V DC
  • Regulated output voltage 3.3V with maximum 30A load current
  • Output voltage regulation from no load to full load and from low line to high line
  • Smooth and monotonic output voltage turn on with up to 90% pre-biased output voltage
  • Primary side ON/OFF function and manual switch for line under voltage enable
  • Secondary side control
  • Control-driven synchronous rectifier
  • Non-latching output over voltage protection and hiccup over current protection
  • Telecom isolation from primary to secondary 1500VDC
  • Test points to facilitate the IC evaluation

Texas Instruments  UCC25230EVM-662

The Texas Instruments UCC25230EVM-662 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the performance of the UCC25230 12V to 105V Input, 0.2A Output Switching Converter. The EVM is used to evaluate the bias power supply using the UCC25230 in a half-bridge DC-DC converter. The EVM is an integrated design which combines two EVMs, UCC28250EVM-564 and UCC25230EVM-754. UCC28250EVM-564 is an EVM of UCC28250 secondary side control half-bridge converter. The addition of UCC25230EVM-754 enables the UCC28250EVM-564 to operate as a standalone device. The targeted application is telecom module design with a nominal 48V input. The UCC25230 is a highly integrated PWM converter operating as an isolated forward flyback. The device has integrated high-side and low-side power switches and a control circuit with all key converter functions included.