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Evaluation Module for UCC25710 LED TV Backlight Controller



  • Closed Loop LED String Current Control
  • PWM Dimming Input
  • Adjustable FMIN (3% accuracy), and FMAX 7.5% (accuracy)
  • LLC and Series LED Switch Control for Dimming
  • Programmable Dimming LLC ON/OFF Ramp for Elimination of Audible Noise
  • Closed Loop Current Control at Low Dimming Duty-Cycles
  • Programmable Soft Start
  • Accurate VREF for Tight Output Regulation
  • Over-voltage and Under-voltage and Input Over-current Protection with Auto-restart Response
  • Second Over-current threshold with Latch-off Response
  • +400-mA/-800mA Gate Drive Current
  • Low Start-Up and Operating Currents

Texas Instruments  UCC25710EVM-654

The UCC25710EVM-654 is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the UCC25710 LLC Half Bridge Controller for Multi-string LED Lighting.