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UCC27321-Q1 Automotive Single 9-A High Speed Low-Side MOSFET Driver With Enable



  • Easy evaluation of the UCC27321-Q1 device with output FET support
  • High Peak-Current Drive Capability of ±9 A at the Miller Plateau Region
  • Industry-Standard Pinout With Addition of Enable Function
  • TTL and CMOS-Compatible Inputs Independent of Supply Voltage

Texas Instruments  UCC27321Q1EVM

The UCC2732X-Q1 is a family of high speed drivers that are capable of delivering up to 9A of peak drive current, optimized for systems requiring extreme Miller current due to high dv/dt transitions. The EVM allows evaluation of both logic options offered, inverting (UCC27321-Q1) and noninverting (UCC27322-Q1).  The UCC27322-Q1 provides an enable (ENBL) function to better control the operation of the driver application and is broken out on the EVM for convinience. This family of drivers can serve as an interface between low-power controllers (discrete controllers, DSPs, MCUs, or microprocessors) and power MOSFETs.