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UCC2742xQ1 Dual 4-A High-Speed Low-Side MOSFET Drivers With Enable Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Three different UCC2742x-Q1 devices
  • Independent signal inputs
  • Common enable pin
  • Output FET support

Texas Instruments  UCC27423-4-5-Q1EVM

The UCC2742xQ1 EVM is a high-speed dual MOSFET evaluation module that provides a test platform for a quick and easy startup of the UCC2742xQ1 driver. Powered by a single 4V to 15V external supply, and featuring a comprehensive set of test points and jumpers. All of the devices have separate input and output lines, and all devices share a common ground. Enable (ENBL) functions are provided to have better control of the operation of the driver applications, driver signals of the devices can be enabled or disabled through the same enable pin.