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UCC27531 Evaluation Module



IGBT gate-driver daughter card with Input/Output Signal and Bias isolation. Includes Optocoupler for signal path isolation and Isolated Bias supplies for both positive and negative gate drive. Requires only a single 12V input voltage for bias supply. Can be used as a high-side or low-side complete gate drive. Additional option for negative Gate to Emitter Voltage (VGE). Isolated input for Enable/Disable function. 11 test points and 16 single pin jumpers, strategically placed to facilitate the IC evaluation, system design, and circuit; making the EVM flexible to different configuration targets.

Texas Instruments  UCC27531EVM-184

The UCC27531EVM-184 is a fully isolated Gate Driver Daughter Card that provides a test platform for a quick and easy evaluation of the UCC27531DBV driver. Powered by a single +12V external supply, and featuring a comprehensive set of test points and jumpers, this EVM can be used for the evaluation of an isolated driver suitable for driving power converter applications. This EVM accepts drive signals and directs them across an isolated boundary, allowing it to be used to drive low or high side switches. This EVM is intended as an evaluation tool for the UCC27531, and is not intended for use as an end product.