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Gate Driver daughter card with isolation based on UCC27532



  • SiC MOSFET and IGBT Driver Daughter Card with Input and Output Isolation
  • -5-V Gate to Source Voltage (VGE)
  • Isolated Input for Device use as High-Side or Low-Side Driver
  • Small Design with Standard Jumpers (on bottom side for easy plug-in functionality)

Texas Instruments  UCC27532EVM-538

The UCC27532EVM-538 is a fully isolated gate driver daughter card that provides a test platform for a quick and easy startup of the UCC27532DBV driver device. The EVM delivers a 20 V to -5 V output differential gate drive which can be used to drive SiC power MOSFETs and Si IGBTs with a negative turn-off voltage. This EVM provides drive signals across an isolated boundary, enabling it to drive low or high-side switches. This EVM is intended as an evaluation tool for the UCC27532 and is not intended for use as an end product. The EVM needs two DC power supply inputs (one 12 V and one 10 V) and a 0-V to 5-V input PWM signal to deliver a typical output differential of 25 V (-5 V to 20 V) between the GATE and SOURCE pins of the EVM.