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UCC27712 620-V, 1.8-A, 2.8-A High-Side Low-Side Gate Driver With Interlock Evaluation Module



  • High performance driver with half bridge power MOSFETs
  • Ability to test most data sheet parameters
  • Ability to compare performance of various drivers with compatible pinout
  • Ability to easily configure converter topology such as synchronous buck converter

Texas Instruments  UCC27712EVM-287

UCC27712EVM-287 is designed for evaluating UCC27712D, which is a 620V half bridge gate driver with high source and sink peak current capability. This EVM could be served to evaluate the driver IC against its datsheet. The EVM can also be used as Driver IC component selection guide. The EVM can be easily configured into power stage topologies such as synchronous buck converter and effect of layout can be tested.