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UCC28061 300W PFC Pre-Regulator Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  UCC28061EVM

The UCC28061 is a dual-phase, transition-mode Power Factor Correction (PFC) pre-regulator. The UCC28061EVM is an evaluation module (EVM) with a 390-V, 300-W, dc output that operates from a universal input of 85 VRMS to 265 VRMS and provides power-factor correction.The pre-regulator uses the UCC28061 PFC interleaved controller to shape the input current wave to provide power-factor correction. This device uses TI’s Natural Interleaving™ technology to interleave boost phases. This user’s guide provides the schematic, List of Materials, assembly drawing for a single-sided printed circuit board application, and test set-up information necessary to evaluate the UCC28061 in a typical PFC application.