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Evaluation Module for UCC28063 Natural Interleaving Transition-Mode PFC Controller



  • Phase Management Capability
  • FailSafe OVP with Dual Paths Prevents Output Over-Voltage Conditions by Voltage-Sensing Failures
  • Soft Start on Overvoltage
  • Integrated Brownout
  • Input Filter and Output Capacitor Current Cancellation
  • Enables Use of Low-Cost Diodes without Extensive Snubber Circuitry
  • Improved Light-Load Efficiency
  • Improved Transient Response
  • Complete System-Level Protection
  • 1-A Source/1.8-A Sink Gate Drivers
  • -40°C to 125°C Operating Temperature Range

Texas Instruments  UCC28063EVM-723

The UCC28063EVM-723 (EVM) is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the UCC28063 Natural Interleaving™ Transition-Mode PFC Controller. The UCC28063EVM-723 is an off line 300W PFC pre-regulator that runs of a universal line input of 85V to 265V RMS and provides a regulated 390V output. The UCC28063EVM-723 demonstrates how the UCC28063 IC can be used in an interleaved transition mode PFC pre-regulator.