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UCC28180EVM-573 360W PFC Evaluation Board



  • 360-W, 390-V output
  • Universal off-line input voltage range
  • Average current mode PWM control
  • No AC line sensing needed
  • Fixed 120 kHz oscillator frequency, programmable with a single external resistor
  • Soft over current and cycle-by-cycle peak current limiting
  • VCC under voltage lockout with low start up current
  • Voltage regulation open loop detection
  • Output over-voltage protection with hysteresis recovery
  • Enhanced dynamic response
  • Soft-start

Texas Instruments  UCC28180EVM-573

The UCC28180EVM highlights the many benefits of using the UCC28180 Continuous Current Mode Boost PFC Controller (TI Literature Number SLUUAT3). The controller operates under average current mode control at a fixed programmable switching frequency of 120 kHz. Simple external current and voltage loop compensation, along with advanced protection features, make this controller ideal for server and desktop power supplies, industrial power supplies, and white goods.