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UCC28230 Intermediate Bus Converter 300-W Evaluation Module



  • 300 W Output Power Rating with Capability to Operate at 500 W (consulting factory how to make thepower expansion)
  • High Efficiency Peak 96.5% and Over 96% at Full Load
  • Unregulated Output Nominal 9.6 V
  • Input DC Voltage Range Between 43 V and 53 V
  • Wide Load Capacitance Range Between 0 µF and 10,000 µF
  • Plenty of Test Points to Facilitate the Device Evaluation
  • Prebias Load Turn-On
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Regulation Down to Zero Output Current
  • Module Size Close to Industry Standard Quarter Brick form Factor with Four Layer Board Layout

Texas Instruments  UCC28230EVM

The UCC28230 evaluation module, is a 300 W intermediate bus converter, providing an unregulated output voltage nominally at 9.6 V at maximum 300 W of load power with basic isolation of telecom standard between the primary and the secondary, operating from a dc input between 43 V and 53 V. The EVM uses the UCC28230 intermediate bus controller which integrates built-in state of the art efficiency boost features with high-level protection features to provide cost-effective solutions for intermediate bus architecture applications.