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UCC28630 Evaluation Module



  • Transient peak power capability of 200% of nominal output power
  • Primary Side Regulation (PSR) eliminates opto-coupler
  • Active X-cap discharge for no-load power reduction.
  • +/- 1% Voltage regulation
  • +/- 7.5% Constant Current Regulation (7A nominal)
  • No audible noise.
  • Protection Functions: Output Over Voltage, Bias over voltage, AC Brownout, Over Current.
  • Frequency dithering for EMI reducation.

Texas Instruments  UCC28630EVM-572

The Texas Instruments UCC28630EVM-572 evaluation module (EVM) is a 65W primary side regulated (PSR) flyback converter for offline applications, with 130W transient surge capability. It is intended for evaluation purposes and is not intended to be an end product.