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UCC28704 5V/10W Off-Line Power Supply With PSR for USB Wall Adapters Evaluation Module

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Features for the UCC28704EVM-724

  • Universal AC input range (85-V to 265-V AC), 5-V/2-A isolated output
  • 5% output voltage (CV) and current (CC) accuracy with primary-side regulation (PSR)
  • 83% average efficiency and <60-mW standby power performance exceeds DoE Level VI and EU CoC V5 Tier-2 EPS standards
  • 80-mV p-p output voltage ripple at end of 0.15-Ω cable
  • Fault protections: output overvoltage, overcurrent, and load short circuit

Description for the UCC28704EVM-724

The UCC28704EVM-724 is a 10-W off-line isolated power supply providing 5-V output on a USB-A port. The converter output voltage and current are regulated to 5% accuracy without using an optocoupler or secondary-side feedback circuits. The EVM demonstrates a low-cost solution to comply with global external power-supply efficiency standards (Department of Energy Level VI, EU Code of Conduct V5 Tier-2, etc.) without adding a secondary-side synchronous rectifier.