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UCC28720EVM-212 5W Evaluation Module for USB off-line adapter



  • <10mW no load power
  • Primary Side Regulation (PSR) eliminates opto-coupler
  • +/- 5% Voltage & Current Regulation
  • Quasi-resonant valley switching operation for highest overall efficiency
  • Wide VDD range (35V) allows small bias capacitor
  • Drive Output for low cost Bipolar
  • Protection Functions: Over Voltage, Low Line, Over Current

Texas Instruments  UCC28720EVM-212

The UCC28720EVM-212 is a 5W evaluation module for evaluating an off line adapter for USB applications. It is intended for evaluation purposes and is not intended to be an end product. The UCC28720EVM-212 converters 100V to 240V RMS input voltage down to 5V DC, with a 1A current limit for USB adapter applications.