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UCC28730 Primary Side Flyback Controller with UCC24650 Secondary Side Wake Up



  • Less than 5mW of no-load power
  • Primary side regulation eliminates opto-coupler
  • Wake-up detection helps minimize no-load switching frequency and output capacitance
  • +/-5% voltage and current regulation across line and load
  • Resonant ring valley switching operation for highest overall efficiency

Texas Instruments  UCC28730EVM-552

The UCC28730EVM-552 evaluation module is a 10-W off-line discontinuous mode (DCM) flyback converter that provides constant-voltage (CV) and constant-current (CC) output regulation without the use of an optical coupler.  The primary side controller detects a wake-up signal from the secondary side voltage droop monitor UCC24650 for improved transient response to large load steps.  The EVM demonstrates how the UCC28730 can provide ultra-low standby power without sacrificing start-up time or output transient response with an internal 700-V start-up switch, dynamically controlled operating states, and a tailored modulation profile.