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UCC28880 High-side Buck Evaluation Module



  • Preset output voltage of ~13V or ~5V (when the jumper JP1 is inserted)
  • No load to 100mA load range
  • Standby Power < 30mW
  • Universal off line input voltage range
  • Meets EN55022 ClassB conducted emissions requirements
  • Overload/Output short circuit protection
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Controlled start up and restart after fault protection

Texas Instruments  UCC28880EVM-616

The UCC28880EVM-616 evaluation module is an offline high voltage buck type power supply that provides either 5Vdc or 13Vdc at a maximum output of 100mA. The input accepts a voltage range of 85Vac to 265Vac. The evaluation module uses the UCC28880 low quiescent current switcher IC. This devices integrates a 700V FET and controller into one SOIC7 package. The device also features a high voltage current source, enabling start-up and operation directly from the rectified mains voltage. The low quiescent current of the device enables very high efficiency in non isolated high side buck low power converters. The device is also protected from failure conditions with thermal shutdown, under voltage lockout, soft start and overload protection. The UCC28880 is suited for use in non isolated off line systems. Typical applications include Home Appliances, White Goods, E Metering, Home Automation and LED Lighting .