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Evaluation Module for UCC2891 Current Mode Active Clamp PWM Controller



  • Low Output Jitter
  • Soft-Stop Shutdown of MAIN and AUX
  • Ideal for Active Clamp/Reset Forward, Flyback Converters
  • Provides Complementary Auxiliary Driver with Programmable Deadtime (Turn-On Delay) between AUX and MAIN Switches
  • Peak Current-Mode Control with Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
  • 110-V Input Startup Regulator
  • TrueDrive™ 2-A Sink, 2-A Source Outputs
  • Accurate Line UV and Line OV Threshold
  • Programmable Slope Compensation
  • 1.0-MHz Synchronizable Oscillator
  • Precise Programmable Maximum Duty Cycle
  • Programmable Soft Start

Texas Instruments  UCC2891EVM-520

The UCC2891EVM evaluation module (EVM) is a forward converter providing a 3.3V regulated output at 30A of load current, operating from a 48V input. The EVM operates over the full 36V to 75V telecom input range, and is able to fully regulate down to zero load current. The module uses the UCC2891 Current Mode Active Clamp PWM Controller for effectively demonstrating the active clamp transformer reset technique. Combined with synchronous rectification, this EVM is set up to operate at 250kHz and exhibits a peak efficiency of just over 92%, with a full load efficiency of 89%.