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UCC28950 600-W, Phase-Shifted, Full-Bridge Converter Evaluation Module



  • ZVS from 50% to 100% load
  • Higher Efficiency for 80 + Applications
  • Burst Mode/DCM Function to Reduce No-Load Power Dissipation to Meet Green-Mode Requirements

Texas Instruments  UCC28950EVM-442

The UCC28950EVM-442 is a 600-W phase-shifted full-bridge converter that converts a 370 V to 410-V DC input to a regulated 12-V output. This converter was designed to maintain ZVS down to 50% load. This 600-W EVM was designed to demonstrate how the UCC28950 control device could be used in high-efficiency applications by achieving ZVS from 50% to 100% load. To achieve this high efficiency the UCC28950 was designed to drive synchronous rectifiers on the secondary side of the full bridge converter. The UCC28950 also incorporates a burst mode and DCM function to improve no-load efficiency