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UCC2897A Evaluation Module



  • ZVS transformer reset using active clamp technique in forward converter.
  • All surface mount components, double sided half brick (2.2 x 2.28 x 0.5).
  • Low-side active clamp with programmable dead time for ZVS.
  • Current-Mode Control with bi-directional sync function.
  • Internal PWM slope compensation.
  • Start up directly from telecom input voltage.
  • Synchronous rectifier output stage allows high efficiency operation.
  • Programmable soft start.
  • Up to 30 ADC output current.
  • Regulation to zero load current.
  • Non-latching, cycle-by-cycle over-current and short circuit protection.
  • Non-latching, Input under-voltage protection.
  • Non-latching, Input over-voltage protection.
  • 1500-V isolation primary to secondary

Texas Instruments  UCC2897AEVM

The UCC2897A evaluation module (EVM) is an active clamp reset forward converter providing a 3.3-V regulated output at 30 A of load current, operating from a 48-V input. The design operates over the full 36-V to 72-V telecom input range, and is able to fully regulate down to zero load current. The module uses the UCC2897A Current Mode Active Clamp PWM Controller for effectively demonstrating the active clamp transformer reset technique.