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3-A, 9-V, ultra-low-dropout voltage regulator with reverse current protection from 0°C to 70°C

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Packaging information

Package | Pins TO-220 (KC) | 5
Operating temperature range (°C) C (0 to 70)
Package qty | Carrier: 50 | TUBE
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Quality information

RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material SN, Call TI
MSL rating / Peak reflow N/A for Pkg Type
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  • Precision Positive Linear Series Pass Voltage Regulation
  • 0.45 V Dropout at 3 A
  • 50 mV Dropout at 10 mA
  • Quiescent Current Under 650 µA Irrespective of Load
  • Adjustable (5-Lead) Output Voltage Version
  • Fixed (3-Lead) Versions for 3.3-V and 5-V Outputs
  • Logic Shutdown Capability
  • Short-Circuit Power Limit of (3% × VIN × ISHORT)
  • Low VOUT to VIN Reverse Leakage
  • Thermal Shutdown

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The UCC283–3/–5/–ADJ family of positive linear series pass voltage regulators are tailored for low-drop-out applications where low quiescent power is important. Fabricated with a BiCMOS technology ideally suited for low input-to-output differential applications, the UCC283–5 passes 3 A while requiring only 0.45 V of typical input voltage headroom (ensured 0.6-V dropout).

These regulators include reverse voltage sensing that prevents current in the reverse direction. Quiescent current is always less than 650 µA. These devices have been internally compensated in such a way that the need for a minimum output capacitor has been eliminated.

UCC283–3 and UCC283–5 versions are in 3-lead packages and have preset outputs at 3.3 V and 5.0 V respectively. The output voltage is regulated to 1.5% at room temperature. The UCC283–ADJ version, in a 5-lead package, regulates the output voltage programmed by an external resistor ratio.

Short-circuit current is internally limited. The device responds to a sustained overcurrent condition by turning off after a tON time delay. The device then stays off for a period, tOFF, that is 32 times the tON delay. The device then begins pulsing on and off at the tON/(tON +tOFF) duty cycle of 3%. This drastically reduces the power dissipation during short-circuit and means heat sinks need only accommodate normal operation. On the 3-leaded versions of the device tON is fixed at 750 µs, on the adjustable 5-leaded versions an external capacitor sets the on time. The off time is always 32 × tON. The external timing control pin, CT, on the 5-leaded versions also serves as a shutdown input when pulled low.

Internal power dissipation is further controlled with thermal overload protection circuitry. Thermal shutdown occurs if the junction temperature exceeds 165°C. The chip remains off until the temperature has dropped 20°C.

The UCC283 series is specified for operation over the industrial range of –40°C to 85°C, and the UCC383 series is specified from 0°C to 70°C. These devices are available in 3- and 5-pin TO–220 and TO–263 power packages.

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