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UCC3895 Evaluation Module



Uses the A and B outputs of the UCC3895 along with a UCC37324 dual 4A MOSFET driver to implement direct control of a synchronous rectifier current doubler in a phase shifted full bridge topology. This technique provides the proper gating and timing signals necessary to accurately synchronize output switching to primary side bridge switching.

Features zero voltage switching (ZVS) over an extended load range by use of synchronous rectification.

The EVM is current limited at approximately 16A, as well as output short circuit protected.

Texas Instruments  UCC3895EVM-001

The UCC3895EVM-001 is an isolated 48V input phase shifted full bridge converter providing an output of 3.3V at 15A. Using the AB outputs of the UCC3895, a novel technique for direct control driven synchronous rectification is demonstrated.