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UCC5320SC Isolated Gate Driver Evaluation Module



  • 100-kV/us Minimum and 120-kV/us Typical Common-Mode Transient (CMTI) at VCM = 1000V
  • 1A, 2A, 5A, 10A Peak Source/Sink Drive current options
  • Flexibility of all three coniguratinos of family: Split Outputs, UVLO and Miller Clamp
  • Isolation Surge Withstand Voltage 10000-Vpk
  • 80-ns (max) Prop Delay

Texas Instruments  UCC5320SCEVM-058

UCC5320SCEVM is an Evaluation Module used to evaluate UCC53xx family of devices and it provides user with flexiblity of configuring  driver to Split output, miller clamp or UVLO based on the device used . The EVM features enough test points & jumper options for one to evaluate the device with minimal external components.