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Compact Single-Channel 3-kVrms Isolated 17-A Gate Drive Bias Supply Evaluation Module



  • EVM used as reference design for isolated bias supply
  • High performance driver with input and output interface
  • Ability to test most data sheet parameters
  • Ability to compare performance of various drivers with compatible pinout

Texas Instruments  UCC5390SCDEVM-010

The UCC5390SCDEVM-010 is a complete single channel isolated gate drive board including reconfigurable bias supply providing wide range of drive voltages. The EVM is based on a 17-A split output basic insulation UCC5390SCD Driver in SOIC-8 package. The design also includes SN6505B based bias supply that can be configured for single or split rail drive voltage from 11V to 33V covering wide range of Si and SiC FETs and IGBTs.