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UCD3138064A Power Converter Control Card Evaluation Module



  • 40-Pin Digital Signal Connector (to connect digital signals to power converters
  • JTAG Connector
  • LED Indicator
  • PMBus Connector to PC Computer Connection through USB-to-GPIO Adapter
  • Multiple Test Points to Facilitate the Device Evaluation (system design and circuit and firmware debugging

Texas Instruments  UCD3138064AEVM149

The UCD3138064AEVM149 is an EVM board, functioning as a control card for UCD3138ARGC and UCD3138064ARGC digital power supply applications. The UCD3138064AEVM149 is to be used either as a stand-alone control card to study the UCD3138ARGC and UCD3138064ARGC controller device or as a DPWM controller board working with a power stage board to implement a fully regulated power converter.