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UCD3138A64 Programmable Digital Power Controller Open Loop Evaluation Module



  • Test points for easy access to all pins of UCD3138A64 80-pin digital controller
  • Socket for easy removal/replacement of the device
  • All GPIO and ADC12 pins accessible (with on-board RC filters on each pin)
  • Capability to adapt EVM for various evaluation targets using jumpers
  • Hardware terminals: PMBus, UART, and Logic Analyzer
  • Includes On-board SPI and I2C accessible EEPROMs for additional memory storage
  • External 5.0V supply input with onboard 3.3V LDO to bias the device (option to bias device using PMBus ports)

Texas Instruments  UCD3138A64OEVM-662

The UCD3138A64OEVM-662 EVM offers an easy to use test platform for stand-alone evaluation of UCD3138A64 digital controller optimized for isolated power applications. Featuring an 80-pin socket and a comprehensive set of test points, the EVM allows hardware and firmware engineers to manipulate signals on the different pins of the device individually and study open loop operation. The EVM also offers the flexibility to realize simple closed loop control configurations (eg. using RC circuits to filter PWM output signals and regulate a DC voltage in closed loop control).

Hardware ports available to communicate with the device include PMBus and UART. The EVM accepts up to 5V DC input and an on-board 3.3V LDO can be used to bias the device. Alternately, using jumpers, the device can be biased using the PMBus communication pins.

NOTE: In order to download firmware and program the UCD3138A64 device in UCD3138A64OEVM-662, a separate EVM from Texas Instruments known as the USB-TO-GPIO Adapter is required. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter is NOT supplied with UCD3138A64OEVM-662 and must be purchased separately. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter serves as a communication interface adapter or a bridge between a host PC and the UCD3138A64 via a standard type-A to mini-B USB cable. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter is listed below in the related products section.