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UCD3138A Control Card Evaluation Module



  • UCD3138A digital controller PMBus Connector to interface with USB-to-GPIO Adapter, for communication with host PC
  • 40-pin Digital Signal Connector to Connect Digital Signals to Power Converters
  • 40-pin Analog Signal Connector to Connect Analog Signals to Power Converters
  • LED Indicator
  • Rich Test Points to Facilitate the Device Evaluation, System Design and Circuit and Firmware Debugging

Texas Instruments  UCD3138ACCEVM149

The Texas Instruments UCD3138ACCEVM149 evaluation module (EVM) functions as a control card for UCD3138A digital controller for isolated power applications from Texas Instruments. The EVM can be used either as a stand-alone board to study the UCD3138A device or as a control card for implementing a fully regulated power converter based on topologies such as a Half-Bridge Resonant LLC. This is implemented by downloading the appropriate firmware into the UCD3138A device in the EVM and establishing interface with a suitable power stage board from the end user. In order to assist in the evaluation of common isolated power topologies, the UCD3138ACCEVM149 evaluation module has been designed to interface seamlessly with the UCC3138ALLCEVM150 Digital LLC Half-bridge DC/DC Converter EVM, also available from Texas Instruments. NOTE: In order to download firmware and program the UCD3138A controller in UCD3138ACCEVM149, a separate EVM from Texas Instruments known as the USB-TO-GPIO Adapter is required. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter is NOT supplied with UCD3138ACCEVM149 evaluation module and must be purchased separately. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter serves as a communication interface adapter or a bridge between a host PC (IBM compatible) and one or multiple slave devices via a standard type-A to mini-B USB cable. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter is listed below in the related products section.