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UCD3138PSFBEVM-027 Evaluation Module



  • Digitally controlled phase-shifted full-bridge DC-DC power conversion
  • DC line input from 350 to 400Vdc
  • Regulated output 12Vdc with output from no-load to full-load
  • Full-load power 360W, or full-load current 30A
  • High efficiency
  • Constant soft start time
  • Protection: over voltage, over current, and brownout
  • Test points to facilitate device and topology evaluation

Texas Instruments  UCD3138PSFBEVM-027

This EVM, UCD3138PSFBEVM-027 is to help evaluate the UCD3138 64-pin digital control IC in an off-line power converter application and then to aid in its design. The EVM is a standalone phase-shifted full-bridge DC-DC power converter. The EVM is used together with its control card, UCD3138CC64EVM-030, also an EVM on which is placed UCD3138RGC. The UCD3138PSFBEVM-027 together with UCD3138CC64EVM-030 can be used as they are delivered without additional work, from either hardware or firmware, to evaluate a phase-shifted full-bridge DC-DC converter. This EVM combination allows for some of its design parameters to be retuned using a GUI based tool, called Texas Instruments Fusion Digital Power Designer. It is also possible to load custom firmware with user’s own definition and development. Three EVMs are included UCD3138PSFBEVM-027, UCD3138CC64EVM-030, and USB-TO-GPIO. This user’s guide provides basic evaluation instruction from a viewpoint of system operation in a standalone phase-shifted full-bridge DC-DC power converter.