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UCD90320U Power Sequencer and System Manager Evaluation Module with Margining

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Features for the UCD90320UEVM

  • 16 pull-up and 16 pull-down pins to configure GPI inputs or open-drain GPO output
  • 84 LEDs to monitor GPIO, Logic GPO, EN, DMON and MAR inputs and outputs
  • Strip connector I/O access
  • On-board TPS54678 and TPS7A84 LDO power stages for margining test
  • Supported by Fusion Digital Power Designer 7.0.27 or higher

Description for the UCD90320UEVM

The UCD90320UEVM-032 contains a UCD90320U sequencer device, two TPS54678 step-down power stages, and two TPS7A84 LDOs.

Access to all of the I/O pins is provided via strip connectors for integration into complex systems using jumper wires. The UCD90320UEVM-032 provides a PMBus (power management bus) communication port. Microsoft® Windows® based host computers can monitor, control and configure the UCD90320 device using a USB interface adapter EVM (HPA172) and TI Fusion Digital Power Designer graphical user interface (GUI).

The power stages using TPS54678 and TPS7A84 (5-V input, 1.2-V output) are provided to assist evaluation of the margining function.