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UCD9081EVM Evaluation Module

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Limit:  3

Features for the UCD9081EVM

  • Single Supply Voltage: 3.3V
  • Low Power Consumption: 3mA Nominal Supply Current
  • Sequences and Monitors Eight Voltage Rails
  • Rail Voltages Sampled With 3.2-mV Resolution
  • Internal or External Voltage Reference
  • Four Configurable Digital Outputs for Power-On Reset and Other Functions
  • Configurable Digital Output Polarity
  • Flexible Rail Sequencing Based On Timeline (ms), Parent Rail Regulation Window, Or Parent Rail Achieving Defined Threshold
  • Independent Under- and Overvoltage Thresholds Per Rail
  • Configurable Regulation Expiration Times Per Rail
  • Flexible Alarm Processing: Ignore, Log Only, Retry n Times, Retry Continuously, Sequence, Parent Rail Can Shutdown Child Rails
  • Alarm Conditions Logged With Timestamp: Under- and Overvoltage Glitch, Sustained Under- and Overvoltage, Rail Did Not Start
  • On-chip Flash for Storing User Data
  • Error Logging to Flash for System Failure Analysis
  • I2C Interface for Configuration and Monitoring
  • Microsoft Windows GUI for Configuration and Monitoring

Description for the UCD9081EVM

The UCD9081EVM facilitates evaluation of the UCD9081 Power Supply Sequencer and Monitor. The UCD9081EVM allows a user to configure sequencing and monitoring of the 8 on board power supplies or external power supplies via on board headers.