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Evaluation Module for UCD9224 Digital PWM System Controller

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Features for the UCD9224EVM-464

  • Fully Configurable Multi-Output and Multi- Phase Non-Isolated DC/DC PWM Controller
  • Controls Up to 2 Voltage Rails and Up to 4 Phases
  • Supports Switching Frequencies Up to 2MHz with 250 ps Duty-Cycle Resolution
  • Up To 1mV Closed Loop Resolution
  • Hardware-Accelerated, 3-Pole/3-Zero Compensator with Non-Linear Gain for Improved Transient Performance
  • Supports Multiple Soft-Start and Soft-Stop Configurations Including Prebias Start-up
  • Supports Voltage Tracking, Margining and Sequencing
  • Supports Current and Temperature Balancing for Multi-Phase Power Stages
  • Supports Phase Adding/Shedding for Multi-Phase Power Stages
  • Sync In/Out Pins Align DPWM Clocks Between Multiple UCD92xx Devices
  • 12-Bit Digital Monitoring of Power Supply Parameters
  • Multiple Levels of Over-current Fault Protection

Description for the UCD9224EVM-464

The UCD9224EVM-464 is designed as two independent single-phase POL voltage rails using the UCD9224 Digital Controller and the PTD08D210W PowerTrain module. The voltage rails are pre-configured to operate from an input voltage source of 12V +/- 10% and produce output voltages of 2.5V (Vout1) and 1.2V (Vout2), each of which can source up to 10A. The UCD7242 Dual Synchronous-Buck Power Driver, the foundation of the PTD08D210W, combines and optimizes the MOSFET driver and the high and low side power MOSFETs for both voltage rails along with fault and monitoring circuitry that integrates with the digital controller.

If a designer wants to monitor or modify the UCD9224EVM-464 using a computer, a separate USB Interface Adapter EVM is recommended. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter serves as an interface adapter or a bridge between a host PC (IBM compatible) and one or multiple slave devices via a standard type-A to mini-B USB cable. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter is listed below in the related tools section. The adapter is available for purchase separately from the UCD9224EVM-464 Evaluation Module.